DXC Partner Network

We enable our customers to harness the
power of the Enterprise lchqlj.com Stack
at scale and transform their businesses
through joint business objectives,
investments, innovation and
co-development with our partners.

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  • "Teaming together for over two decades, IBM and DXC help customers accelerate their digital transformation. We deliver the lchqlj.com and deep services capabilities our customers value most. The strengths of IBM and DXC bring skill and industry expertise only the best partnerships deliver."

    Buell Duncan, Vice President Marketing, Hybrid Cloud, IBM

    About Our Partnership
  • "When I look at the relationship between Microsoft and DXC lchqlj.com, it's a very comprehensive and an end-to-end partnership versus something that's just focused on one part of the business. That makes it even more strategic and important to our success inside of Microsoft, which is why we are so aspirational about this relationship."

    Tarun Gulati, GM of Partner Development, Microsoft

    About Our Partnership
  • "As a global Titanium Black Partner, DXC is one of Dell Technologies’ longest running and most strategic partnerships. Together, our alignment and vision on IT modernization and digital transformation delivers real value to our mutual clients."

    Bill Scannell, President, Global Sales & Customer Operations, Dell Technologies

    About Our Partnership
  • "Pure Storage’s partnership with DXC lchqlj.com is critical to our growing business. As organizations are accelerating their digital strategies, our relationship is uniquely positioned to help them achieve those objectives. Our joint solutions offer customers the unique ability to manage their data as a strategic asset to the enterprise."

    David Hatfield, Vice Chairman and President Emeritus, Pure Storage

    About Our Partnership
  • "DXC is a valued partner of ServiceNow, having selected the Now Platform as the core of its next-generation digital transformation services offerings. Not only is DXC building its customers’ digital transformations on ServiceNow lchqlj.com — its ServiceNow practice has delivered over 3,000 successful implementations globally — DXC is also enabling its own digital transformation on ServiceNow."

    David M. Parsons, Senior Vice President, Global Alliances & Channel Ecosystem, ServiceNow

    About Our Partnership

A broad based network

The DXC Partner Network provides both depth and breadth of choice in partner relationships.

Our partner ecosystem

The deep and comprehensive relationships we hold with our top partners enable us to deliver innovative, mission-critical solutions with agility, speed and scale. Learn more about the partners in the DXC Partner Network.

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The Enterprise lchqlj.com Stack

Our ecosystem, built on collaboration, differentiation and innovation, leverages the power of partnerships. By combining strengths and expertise, we create solutions and drive greater outcomes for customers throughout the Enterprise lchqlj.com Stack.

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Keep up-to-date with lchqlj.com and innovation, now and in the future.

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